Primavera Pic Nic

Special Series

Primavera Pic Nic

All the joy of Vespa in a special version outfitted with basket and picnic blanket, to spend your free time in the most glamorous and carefree way. Two-tone saddle and dedicated graphics characterise a unique equipment package. An icon of the Italian lifestyle, Vespa is also a symbol of freedom, friendship, and sharing.

In a world that is rediscovering the beauty of experiencing nature, Vespa Primavera is now available in the new and exclusive Pic Nic version, created specifically to flee everyday stress and savour moments of joy and socialising outdoors in the most glamorous and carefree way, accompanies by the light lines, the brilliant performance, and the easy ride of a Vespa.


Vespa Pic Nic is outfitted with a range of dedicated accessories designed for maximum enjoyment of outdoor moments, in the most classic ride in the countryside or in one of those green corners that are increasingly more common in cities. In fact, Vespa Pic Nic is accompanied by an elegant picnic basket made of wood intertwined with rattan that contains a convenient removable cooler bag and the must-have blanket. Made in a special jacquard fabric with a pattern that mimics the woven basket, the blanket is water resistant, so it is the ideal accessory for any outdoor activity. Both the basket and the blanket, enhanced with the Vespa Pic Nic logo, can be conveniently transported on the chromium plated front and rear luggage rack which comes standard on this special version, enriched by a brown leather belt that also serves as a handle to easily carry the folded blanket.

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