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Elettrica Red

Vespa and non-profit organisation (RED) combine forces to create (VESPA ELETTRICA) RED, a special bike that reflects the shared values of respect for the environment and caring about global health.

Elettrica Accessories

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Fly Screen
Floor Mat
Windscreen and top box


The Vespa Elettrica not only eliminates harmful emissions but is totally silent, whether in eco-power saving å or when using the motor to its full potential. A smart choice indeed when it comes to counteracting the background hum of the city and contributing to liveability.


The Vespa Elettrica is a breeze to ride. The underseat compartment not only holds the purpose-designed helmet but also contains the battery recharge cable which can be connected to wall-mounted electrical sockets or public charging stations. The battery fully recharges in 4 hours* and, like the engine, needs no maintenance.
*minimum recharge time with 220 V power

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