Vespa 946 Dragon

Myth, made true

Vespa 946 Dragon

A true masterpiece of Italian manufacturing, the Vespa 946 Dragon is a collector’s item, a limited edition numbered series of 1888.


A legend. A myth. An icon. Heritage and avant-garde, ancient tradition and modern mastery seamlessly merge in this limited-edition Vespa 946 Dragon and exclusive Varsity Jacket.


Vespa, the timeless icon of Italian lifestyle and a free spirit, ushers in a new era debuting the exclusive limited-edition Vespa 946 Dragon and matching varsity jacket in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

Vespa brings its distinctive Italian edge on the road, harnessing the power of the dragon, a mythological creature that holds unparalleled force and is regarded as an omen of prosperity, with a dedicated Lunar New Year celebration event in Hong Kong on January 24.

The Vespa 946 is reimagined in a golden hue for the exclusive Dragon collector’s edition, embodying the fierce spirit of the scooter.

Available in a limited run of 1888 items, the model is emblazoned with a vibrant emerald green dragon motif that snakes around the livery.

Hand-crafted in Italy and leveraging cutting-edge technology, the bold design of the Vespa 946 Dragon marks a coming together of cultures, innovation and sophistication, telegraphing a distinct sense of energy and power.

To commemorate the launch and pay homage to the Lunar New Year, Vespa is also releasing its inaugural fashion item.

The exclusive Dragon Varsity Jacket celebrates the legendary status of the iconic scooter and reflects its signature combination of style and legacy.

Drawing from the Vespa 946 Dragon’s design, the ribbed wool and nappa leather-sleeved varsity jacket features a dragon motif in emerald green alongside prints and embroideries on the left pocket and back panel. The jacket’s front panel features Vespa’s iconic V monogram accompanied by an ancient Chinese proverb.

The exclusive collection, crafted from high-end materials and featuring innovative and luxurious details, echoes the bold ethos so central to the Year of the Dragon.

Colour variations

Vespa Gold

The body is adorned with a textured dragon motif that dances across the length of the Vespa’s gold frame in a contrasting emerald green.


Hand-crafted in Italy, each edition features American varsity-style lettering, narrating the dragon’s celebrated years on the Lunar calendar.


Mirroring the bold aesthetic and spirit of the Vespa 946 Dragon, the accessories feature sumptuous materials, luxurious finishes and innovative detailing.


The elegant gold tone of the helmet is emblazoned with a dragon graphic that mirrors that of the Vespa 946 Dragon body, embellished in brilliant shades of green.

The rear bag is crafted in a matc

hing material to that of the saddle. It is made in Italy, designed specifically for the Vespa 946 Dragon, to be used in combination with the rear bag support, sold separately.

Dragon Varsity

Unveiling Vespa’s inaugural exploration into the world of fashion: the Dragon Varsity jacket is crafted as a collector’s piece, featuring a silhouette as timeless as Vespa’s legacy.


Realized in light beige ribbed wool and soft, Nappa leather sleeves, the Dragon Varsity jacket sees the embroidered emerald green dragon emerging on the front left pocket and back panel.


The Dragon Varsity weaves a symbolic eloquence – from the iconic ‘Bitten Apple’ to the embroidered V monogram, altogether telling a tale of legendary grandeur.

Colour variations